Walk This Way … Literally

Walk this way
Whether you prefer the original or the Run D.M.C. version of Aerosmith's tune, Walk This Way, you might be surprised at what it has in common with Frankenstein.

How Hot is Lava?

How hot is lava?
How hot is lava? Does it compare to an electric or gas stove? Could you cook on it, or will it immediately incinerate food? Is it hotter than a rocket engine?

Why Do Tennis Players Grunt?

Why do tennis players grunt?
Watch any pro tennis tournament, and you'll experience a cacophony of animal noises. Gunts, groans, and occasional screams. So, why do tennis players grunt?

Ever wonder about...

Whose idea was it to drink cow milk?
Is there weather inside the world’s largest building?
Do hangovers get worse as you get older?
How many stars are in our universe?

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