Bud Light for Breakfast? A Brief History of Beer

history of beer
Whatever your thoughts on Anheuser Busch’s marketing strategies, one thing is clear. Screwing up at the art of selling beer is an accomplishment of biblical proportions because people have been drinking beer since the beginning of time. I remain convinced brewing happy hops is the world’s third-oldest profession, right after that first one and personal injury law.

The Great $5 Bill of Rights Robbery

constitution on sale image
There were fourteen original copies of the Bill of Rights, one for the federal government and one for each of the 13 original colonies. Only eight states still have their copies: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. One of those only recently reclaimed theirs.

The Greatest Constitutional Amendment Ever?

quote right for every american to make a fool of himself
In 1922, Wisconsin representative Victor Berger proposed a constitutional amendment to abolish the United States Senate. You can sense his frustration level from the preamble to his proposed amendment.